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Tiller Console guide Box Livewell or Front deck livewell

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I have been slowly rebuilding a small 14ft skiff. Its an older style boat thats fairly wide. I have completed most of the floor and starting to work on layout. Its a tiller handle skiff. I am adding a livewell. Location based on the boat and size seems to only be able to fit either in the front deck or in a center guide box. I think I like the Idea of a tiller console and guide box livewell combo. It will be roughly 15 inches wide and maybe 30 to 40 inches long. If I do the center console I want room to mount a switch panel and a depth finder. The boat is 48 inches across the bottom and at the gunnel about 58 inches. The boat will be used for mostly chasing bass in back waters as well as occasional trips for inshore backwaters around mobile bay and the gulf coast. I would like some opinions on what y'all think is best and some ideas. Post picks if you can. If you have done something similar.
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I vote for the console livewell as it will be inconvenient to lift open a baitwell on the bow while some is up there fishing as well as it will bounce a lot more while underway up front.
I would advise a good seal on it though so no water splashes out and soaks your passengers backside.
Up front may be too much weight. Mine is in the middle. It can be used as a livewell,dry storage or a cooler.
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Midship for sure.
The more I think about it and the more pictures I see the more I like the guide box live well tiller console combo option. I like the salt Marsh skiff boats and there tiller console.
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