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Update: Both Reels have sold. Lowering Rod price on both rods.
$250 for each rod...

I'm selling a couple of my Tibor reels with some rods. Would prefer to sell them as combos, but open to separate.

Tibor Everglades (blue bonefish) $500- comes with backing, case, and 8wt line. Reel has barely been used and is a 9.5 out of 10.

Orvis Hydros Rod $275- 8wt- comes with rod case.- Updated $250 new rod price
Combo Price- $700

Tibor Riptide $500 (gold)- comes with backing, 10wt line, and case. Reel is a 9.9 out of 10 and shows like new.

Orvis 10 weight Access Rod $275- comes with rod case.- $250 new rod price.
Combo price-$700

Pricing includes shipping if needed.
Locations: Delray Beach, FL

Please text or call me with any questions as I don't get a chance to check thread as much as I like. Thanks! Jeremy 954-703-9207


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