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Tibor Drag knobs gen 1 vs Gen 2

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Anyone ever swap the first gen Tibor drag knob for the gen 2? Did you have any issues? Talking the Everglades/Riptide/Gstream models.

I prefer the gen 2 (knurled) knob, but I have a few gen 1 reels I'm thinking about swapping the knob on. I did a test swap today and it all seemed to work fine after. Just looking for anyone experience or info, on this.

I also sent an email to Tibor but don't expect a reply till after the holiday.

Pics for reference...
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Was just thinking the same thing...mine is the gold as well, but it is the newer gen reel so it is as shiny gold as your original ones. Mine isn’t the satin finish they offer now, the new gold just doesn’t look quite as polished/shinyif as the original. wouldn’t think there would be a noticeable difference with just the drag knob.
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