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Throttle cable issue!?

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Hey guys i have a 99' yamaha 60 2-stroke and recently replaced tubing mesh on the controls and wiring going into my outboard. I had to unattach all the components from the outboard first to slip on the new sheathing (obviously) When i reattached everything i went through and checked everything forward is smooth but reverse gets stuck almost as soon as you start to bring the binnacle down. It does go after a little force! I checked for obstructions and to make sure all the cables were in the original location and in proper position. My question... Is there a possibility that a cable may have been bent in the process of disconnecting and reconnecting? or do you think i just need to re-adjust the cables? If a readjustment is in order does anyone know of an easier to follow instructions than the yamaha owners manual (ie: crayola style)

Any help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!!
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Sounds to me like something was reinstalled out of position.
If everything worked correctly before the work,
then a connection was changed somewhere and has caused your problem.
The OEM manual will be the best explanation for re-rigging.
Chilton, Seloc or Clymers don't have the details required to do it exactly as needed.

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Hey guys thanks for the replies! (FYI cables were labeled prior to disassemble to prevent reconnecting incorrectly) I messed with it a little more yesterday and got it somewhat isolated/fixed. I pulled the cables back off and tested the control and cables for any binding..everything is fine on that. I hooked everything back up started the motor and went from forward to neutral to reverse still a little rough going back to reverse so i checked for any obstructions and lubed the shifting linkage that seemed to free up the sticking and it shifts much smoother. I had to adjust the shifting cable a bit as it was going into gear and spinning way before the binnacle was actual in reverse. As far as spinning the prop while trying to shift it's good when the binnacle is in forward and reverse ratchets in the correct direction and stops in the other. If i was wrong in shifting without the flywheel turning that's news to me if so is there a re-synchronizing process?
Thanks again!
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