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Thomas and Thomas rod ID

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Can anyone tell me which model this is?
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(TLDR I’ve got one of those too, I think it’s a really good rod. )

Coincidentally, just yesterday I dusted off my 8wt T&T horizon for a little casting in the park with the GF. I’ve only thrown an Orvis Helios 3d for the last couple years.

The T&T was weirdly powerful, slower I guess? But biggest difference to me was how heavy it was compared to the Orvis.

I don’t know, it wasn’t like the Orvis added huge distance to my cast, or reduce false casts tremendously? Maybe I’m too stupid to tell a huge difference.

The T & T is the only rod I’ve had that’s never broken, guides haven’t corroded, and I used so much the cork handle has sort of compressed to fit my hand. As I took it out of the tube & cover, I was so struck with how well made it was.
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