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Thomas and Thomas rod ID

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Can anyone tell me which model this is?
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When I first took up guiding full time in 1996 I built a matched pair of rods to hand my anglers, a 10 and a 12wt, using T&T Horizon blanks. First rate gear back then - and I still have the 10wt - but only use it for myself these days... The last time I asked, T&T said they'd still make a new tip section for that 12wt (or any of those old Horizon rods) - all these years later... Contact them directly for more info.

I know that the fly tackle business is caught up in that "new and improved" mindset - but those two rods would still be my personal favorites - for actual fishing day after day... Of course I'd still be buying and using those old Sage RPL+ rods - if they still made them as well... Guess I've turned into a dinosaur...
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