This guy needs to be removed from this world

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    POMPANO BEACH, Fla. -- A South Florida man allegedly retaliated against his mother by throwing her caged dogs into a lake.

    Broward County deputies arrested Deangelo Veus Saturday on two counts of animal cruelty. An animal control officer was able to save a terrier mix, but a pregnant miniature pinscher drowned.

    The 29-year-old allegedly threw the animals into about 15 feet of water after he and his mother got into an argument.

    Veus has been a frequent visitor to the Broward County jail. Saturday's arrest marked his 18th mug shot.

    He previously spent 19 months in prison for robbery, carrying a concealed firearm and driving with a suspended license.

    So let's do the math:

    29 years old and this is his 18th arrest. That's once a year since he was 11.

    But it gets better... Think about the time he was in prison; he couldn't get arrested while in prison serving time so he's really been arrested probably closer to 2x per year.

    And he only served 19 months for ROBBERY and carrying an unlicensed CONCEALED WEAPON AS A FELON???

    What is wrong with the judge? At what point do you take the guy out back, put one in the ear and save us all the $$ and time in dealing with an uncorrectable person?

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    Anal Electrocution !!!

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    We actually need guys like this, otherwise every street corner would be filled with panhandlers with all of the out of work public defenders. ;D
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    feed is a$$ to the gators ;)