SOLD/EXPIRED This guy can't be serious Highsider for sale

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  1. choppercity47

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    $4000 OBO

    i sent him an email telling him my 2006 package is worth half of that, and Lowtides and NMZ packages are going for 4k that are a year old............he didn't reply he keeps posting this ad every day. You don't charge for lifevest, anchors, batteries, nav lights, seats ect thats simple used boat equipment....i don't know how he came up with the $5000 retail.............this is the most redic ad i have ever seen.
  2. Bissell

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  3. TomFL

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    The one thing I've learned about buying and selling boats is that anyone can ask whatever they want for a boat.

    And, the market will ultimate decide what the boat is worth.

    At that price, it appears he might be one of those "I don't really want to sell it, but for this price I'll part with it" kinda sellers. Tough to find a buyer for those boats, especially in today's market, and at the end of summer to boot.

  4. noeettica

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    yeah there are some very nice Boats in that Price range ...

    I Sold a Really Nice 2003 Highsider for $800.00 Seats / TM-Battery /Bilge Pump / Oar Locks / Paddle & PFD And Delivered it Over 100 Miles

    I also sold "Sophie" a 2005 Classic about 2 Years Ago For $1425.00 Bilge Pump / Seats / Wiring Etc ...

    I Bought a Beautifull 6 Month old NMZ for Under $1600.00

    Go Figure ... LOL
  5. mark_gardner

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    eeehhhh, i wouldnt get all worked up over it :) , dudes probably at home thinking his phones broke cause he hasnt had a call all day ;D
  6. TheBrazilNut

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    I could care less what one wants to ask as far as price. I have sold many Scuba items on Ebay for more then retail, but that could have to do with who I am.  ::)

    This guy bother's the **** out of me! This has been posted for 6 months every week not to mention the AD has no truth!

    There needs to be rules on "for sale items"!

    That goes for this site as well. If it is priced for the correct market it will sell and does not need to be bumped every week with no real price change waiting for some "sucker". It's not going to happen! IMO, I would never pay close to the asking price just as the thousands did not who viewed the item before me.
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    An Indian River GHEENOE...Now I'd pay 4,000 for that! lol

    Just let me find a Hells Bay Copperhead, I would be all over that!
  8. Bissell

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    hahaha that boat is a total joke ;D ;D ;D
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    i agree that "gheenu" indian river one lol TUNNEL HULL! what a joke! youd have to pay me to fish from that