Thinking of a new business venture. input please

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  1. sfsurfr

    sfsurfr Oh you fancy huh!!!

    Bear with me so I can fill you guys in on the plan. Hey guys, I figured I would throw this topic up here since I have been thinking about it alot lately. I want to start small part time business that will pay some of the bills while keeping my non-stop workaholic craziness at bay. I am currently deployed overseas and after this trip my military career is coming to a halt. I need a change of pace. I got a good gig set up for when my enlistment is up and I will still be doing military stuff like training army, usmc, and some coast guard guys for short periods of time and the money is decent but when I am not fulfilling a contract with this company then I would like to do something that I really have always wanted to do. I want to open a small all purpose boat shop that allows me to build rods, maybe tie some flies or bucktails, customize boats here and there for people and I might even build a few one-off boats. I grew up helping my dad build boats and I have been doing it recreationally on my own for a few years. I mainly find beat up hulls and refit them but I have done a few stitch and glue hulls which are a blast. Same thing for rods, got a few under my belt for personal use really. I have done a few rods for friends but not anything crazy. The big thing here is the name... I have a few in the works but I don't want to un intentionally copy anyone. Here is my dillemma... I want to name it The Old Florida Boatshop but I know there is a reel company called old florida reels. I don't fish their gear at all but I dont want any griping by anyone b/c they think I snaked their name. My reason for wanting to name the company this is because I miss Old Florida really bad and I want to try to keep what I love alive even if it is in such a small way. It is slipping away and it just kills me to see it happen. Am I a copy cat turd for wanting to name the business this? I would be mainly focusing on maintaining the older more laid back classic style that florida is really all about. I know I don't have to get into what old florida is all about here b/c most people know what I am talkin about.  So I could keep typing about this for another hour or so but I am gonna stop now. What do you guys think??? Am I crazy or is it something that I should go for? My heart is telling me to do it but financially it might not be the best move to make a million. I dont give a damn about making a million, I just want to be able to support my family and do what I love every day. Give it to me straight fellas.

    Sorry for the crazy amount of typing. :D
  2. Brett

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    In St. Augustine, the business directory is filled with
    "Ancient City (your business type here)" ad infinitum.
    Don't see why you can't do the same. If it's not already
    an existing incorporated or copyrighted business name,
    go for it.

  3. sfsurfr

    sfsurfr Oh you fancy huh!!!

    Thanks Brett,

    I was kinda thinking that in certain cities you see businesses using the city heritage to their advanage in the name. No different really than what I may end up doing. It got me wondering about the whole deal. I will keep you guys posted as to what I find out when I get time to fill out the business BS paperwork. Also, I just don't want people thinking the name is LAME b/c if guys don't like the name then they ain't gonna use my sevices. I know I wouldn't be sportin a t shirt that had a dumb or cheezy company on it unless they were a really good buddy or I lost a bet!! HAhA, oh well, I think the name suits me and my mission so hopefully it all works out. Thanks again for the input dude!!! I just don't want to create any bad blood, thats all.

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  5. DuckNut

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    I think that is a great idea. My comment would be to name it anything you want with the knowledge that if you infringe on someone elses name and they get upset, they may send you a cease and desist order and then you will have to fight or change your name.

    Case in point: When you get back home go to German Car Depot (2130 Fillmore, Hollywood) and ask them about their battle with VW. FORMERLY named VDepot - a successful thriving and growing company- and VW did not like it and sicked their attorneys on them.
  6. mark_gardner

    mark_gardner I Love!

    i agree on the mission dude, i love "old florida" and hate to see it fade away :'( not much for advice but good luck :cool:
  7. FSUfisher

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    I'll chime in. I really like the name, and I believe there are a lot of people both down south and up here in north Florida who sympathize with you when you say you miss Old Florida. In fact, I think if you created some type of apparel or insignia to go along with your shop it may enhance your business. The bad things about the economy are obvious. But the good thing is that the market is probably less cluttered with many of the same types of shops. Also, leases may be easier to come along. I think it is an awesome idea and parallels what I'd dream of doing somewhere like Tallahassee that has no shop like this to think of. Find your niche audience, find a place where you stand out and are needed, and go for it. It sounds like you have realistic expectations so that's a very good start.
  8. MATT

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    First let me say, "Thank You" For what you are doing for all of us now.

    I like the Rod,Tackle and boat repair or building thing and the Old Florida idea. Makes me think of big cypress trees and moss hanging. Maybe "Old Florida Outfiters" would bring it all together.

    Put me in for XXL on that T-Shirt.

  9. sfsurfr

    sfsurfr Oh you fancy huh!!!

    Thanks alot guys! I really appreciate all of the great input. I do believe I will go forward with this venture in the next few weeks and I hope I can share the process with you guys as I progress along. Again, thanks for the input and more is always welcome and appreciated!!!

  10. sfsurfr

    sfsurfr Oh you fancy huh!!!

    Thanks alot MATT. Old florida makes me think of the same thing you are thinking about. big ole cypress trees and moss hanging all over. It looks like old florida outfitters is already taken. I googled it and it brought up another company in the panhandle.

    No big deal b/c I like the boatshop idea anyways, apparel can always be added and I really didn't even consider that but it is a great idea.

    Cheers guys!
  11. Gramps

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    I never knew "old" Florida but it sounds like a great idea! If you ever need help wrapping a few rods, let me know.
  12. paint it black

    paint it black Paddling away...

    Just make sure you register the name.
    The company I work for recently went through a name change.
    The new name became "Salt Life Marine".
    Within two weeks, my boss received a letter from the lawyers of Salt Life Apparel, stating that the name must be changed and website needs to be deleted.
    But all the proper actions were taken and the name is registered in the state of Florida where Salt Life Apparel isn't, so they have no power to force my boss to change the name of his company. 

    But anyway, I love the idea.
    We need more skiff customizing shops in south Florida.
    I would love to open one myself.
  13. boggob

    boggob Beer me.

    check for corps, partnerships, and ficticious names on sunbiz.
  14. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    Pay an attorney the small fee they charge and have them do it all for you and that way you are completely legal and they can protect you.

    As much as I loathe attorneys, I usually talk with them 2-3 time a week and AT TIMES are worth their cost. But for starting a business you want to get out of the gate on the right track and they are a true value for this.
  15. billhempel

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    There is a "Ole Florida Fly Shop" in Boca Raton in case you didn't see that in any searches. Sounds like you're biting off an awful lot at one time. If you work on a boat project and plan on doing some of those other items at the same time, how could the boat owner be assured of your undivided attention in getting that project done in any short time frame? Conversely, other customers feel slighted because you weren't working on thiers. It also takes a lot of inventory to be that diverse. That takes investment. Our local "Shallow Water Customs" shop is doing nothing but custom applications and rebuilds and can hardly find the time to have lunch. I'm sure if you spoke to them you would find that it takes major bucks and a good insurance policy.