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So I'm in St Louis this week for work. Go out to my car this AM and the rear window is broken out of my car. I'm not staying in a bad part of town, downtown fenced parking (there's no real great part, but this isn't the bad part).

Stupid effing bastards stole the change out of my console, which was about $4-5 in quarters. Pulled the cover off the fuse panel thinking it was an ash tray possibly holding more change.

Here's what they left...

Simms G4z waders
Simms wading boots
6wt TCR
Cabela's 5wt
MHX 4wt custom
Lamson Guru
Tibor Freestone
Antique 5wt reel
Orvis sling bag that had the reels and 4 fly boxes
Tailored Wool Sport coat
Costa 580p glasses
Expensive radar detector
Check book

They even went to the trouble to remove the Freestone from the bag and take it out of its case. Removed the Costas from the case and left them on the front seat.

I'm very happy it's just costing me a window, and some loose change, a small part of me is almost sad for them they didn't realize what they were holding, but I'm still glad they didn't.

They were also nice enough to not damage my latest collection of stickers, when they were removing items to look in my console.

The worst part of the whole deal was having to drop the car off on the other side of East St Louis, that City is embarrassing to the country. It looks like some of the worst places in Central American countries. No lie, stay far away.

Pics below.
Vehicle Auto part Car Trunk Automotive exterior
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Car seat
Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Auto part Trunk
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Vehicle door Parking

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Maybe they DID know what the Freestone was, and decided the $4.50 in change was better than being hunted for eternity.

Or they couldn’t figure out how to light it and get that free-stone.

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Semi related note: My wife and I were in Jackson WY last summer. We walked by a truck parked on the side of the street with three unsecured Yeti coolers in the cargo hauler on the trailer hitch. We laughed and took bets on how long they would stay there. When we got up the next morning and walked by, they were STILL THERE...
Needless to say, we were shocked.

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Probably somebody that’s homeless, I’d bet the pawn shops won’t buy stuff from them. From my understanding of meth heads, they’d steal the battery and alternator off your car for scrap.

A friend of mine up in Birmingham had some of his rods and reels stolen out of his garage. He eventually found them in a pawn shop and said he was kind of offended by how low of prices they had on his Sage and Nautilus lol.

For a cheap and easy solution, it wouldn’t be hard to pick up one of these and cut a couple holes in the bottom of it. For cars that have D-rings in the cargo area floor, you could set the hole in the bin over it and clip a carabiner on. It would keep it from being removed once it’s closed and locked, but could still come out easily.
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