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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TomFL, May 25, 2010.

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    A spoof on a serious subject:

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    Actually, it's sad as heck, but I know what you mean!

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    Heh too true, too true. Out here where I am currently working, I can't say if these folks are legal immigrants or not but every woman you see has at least one child if not pushing a double stroller all loaded up.
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    Correct me if i'm wrong but the native american in me is seeing some serious hipocrisy here...  [smiley=1-mmm.gif]
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    I don't follow...
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    Well I guess what I'm trying to say is that 99% of the people who are legal US citizens have an immigrant somewhere in their family tree.  It just so happens that when most of the people first came to America a long long time ago there was no green cards and bureaucratic hoops to jump through to gain citizenship.  Not to mention it was free as long as you paid your taxes when you got here.

    My point is that instead of spending billions of tax dollars to keep people out of this country I think we need to facilitate them with green cards (which is not US citizenship) so that we can at least keep track of them and collect some much needed revenue from them.  There is no way we are ever going to stop people from coming here because most are willing to lose their life to do so.

    Maybe someone can enlighten me with something that would change my mind because I try to be open to sensible logic but I just think that this country was made great by a bunch of uninvited immigrants and I feel that it's just hypocritical to all of a sudden want to shut down our borders to people who want what we have.

    Now keep in mind I am only 21 years old and I do not know everything.  In fact everyday I realize just how much I don't know which is why I try to engage in conversations about important topics so I can see how other people feel and maybe learn something in the process.
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    You said it well enough to convince me! I'm also native American, 25%, and agree with what you say in regards to the original immigrants to the US. And I also agree with the green card statement. I have no problem with the folks that come here, work hard, and do not cause problems but at the same time illegal aliens DO NOT PAY TAXES. That is what bothers me but yet they get the same benefits as tax paying Americans.

    Just complete the paperwork, get your FIT number, and welcome. Otherwise if you want to do it illegally, get the f' out! ;)
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    I'm probably going to get bushwhacked for this...but this is just an opinion...

    I can see the argument that they dont pay taxes...but you know what, neither do people on welfare...illegal's haven't asked for a dime, and they work their a$$ off!

    As far as taxing the hospital system (an argument in some places)...they don't go to the hospital because they are scared of being deported.

    I don't mind the illegal''s all the folks that are citizens of this country looking for a free hand out that chaps least the illegals work and take care of their family.

    Don't get me wrong...if someone truly needs welfare, whether it be an older person that has worked for 40 years or someone handicapped or something...then I have no problem with it. If you are down on your luck...then it's even okay for you to use it...but show an effort to get back on your feet...better yet, DO get back on your feet.

    Sorry rant off...and before someone points the finger at that being racist....FAR FROM's about LAZINESS regardless of the color of your skin...sorry to bring that up...there is a lot of folks around my home town that hollar that if you say anything about welfare and taxes.

    As the comedian Tim Wilson said, "An illegal alien, is a great American!" ;D
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    Most of the 'illegals' get taxes taken out of their paychecks  (most businesses can only pay under the table for so long), but, so true is that some get paid under the table all the time.  They provide a social security card (real or not) and fill out an I-9 form.  The far right wing makes out like taxes are never taken out and they are running wild, but that could not be farther from the truth.  No one ever talks about the amount of taxes that never get refunded @ tax time from the 'illegal immigrants' that are getting a paycheck from an employer every week with taxes taken out. The fact is this country is built on and by immigrants.  Most of the service work would not get done if not for these illegal immigrants.  A consumption based tax would solve this problem.
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    Rant on:

    Taxes - yes and no.  If the employer is honest he will withhold taxes and forward the funds to the IRS and not fill his pockets.  A not so honest employer will simply pay a lower wage and not report the difference.

    Migrant workers typically work for huge outfits and are trucked all over the country doing work that Americans feel they are too good to do and I can't blame them - welfare pays better and they can party all night long.

    There are so many things wrong with illegal aliens that it simply has to stop.  If they come here and go through the naturalization process and become a citizen in 7 years then I would welcome you.  If you come here on Tuesday and get in line at the welfare office and get your handout on Wednesday- I have zero tolerance for you.

    A consumption tax would not solve anything either.  A consumption tax is meerly a neutral tax at best.  A neutral tax is a tax that collects just enough to break even.  Are you going to raise this tax every year?  I pay a huge tax bill every year and I do not, for one instant, feel like I am getting my moneys worth.  In fact, two weeks ago I got a letter notifying me that I will have an additional tax to pay next year for my "cadillac" health care.  Now get this.  I choose my plan and pay for it out of my own hard earned money and now I am going to have to pay an additional tax or settle for a lesser quality coverage.  This is BULL CHIT!  F'ing congress and members of the House are not subject to this welfare healthcare and now you want to tax me because I choose to pay the the best coverage available.

    Back on topic: this country is broke and every illegal person here is adding to the problem.  We need to enact harsher laws and actually enforce these laws.  If one comes here legally and then becomes a citizen then you are welcome to enjoy the benefits that the rest of us are entitled to. 

    Why is the US the only country with an illegal problem?  Because we are the only country that gives handouts.  Because of the welfare program it has become chic not to work.  A few months ago an employee where my wife works came to her to resign and her reason was that she would make more money on welfare.

    A cold hard fact of the handout system is that an illegal that got here six months ago can collect more monthly social security than someone who has worked and paid taxes for 40 years and this is simply wrong.

    I worked very hard and now I enjoy the fruits of my labor and I do not care if you are white, brown, black, red or even green, If you do not work you get nothing!  (exception- a temporary settlement such as unemployment).  There are no paydays for years.

    Rant off
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    I'm half Italian and half Polish. 2nd generation born here.

    When my ancestors came here, they had to prove they had a job ready and waiting when they got here. They had to prove they were healthy. They had to prove a lot of stuff or they went back home. By slow boat, wherever they came from. Simple as that!

    The only real difference between "illegals" and my ancestors (and yours if you too had ancestors come through Ellis) is that our people didn't come here with their hands out. Our people came here to integrate into the greatest country in the world, to help build it (and for a better life in the meantime of course) not to freeload and be handed grants/money/welfare/social security, free health care (better than the stuff I pay for I might add...) etc, etc.

    Come here, integrate into our society, contribute to our society, our country, and be welcomed with open arms.

    Don't come here expecting to America to change to accomodate you, or try to change America into whatever your homeland was. If your homeland was so great, go back.

    They are either for us or against us. No grey areas here. Illegal is illegal. Period!!!

    My $.02.