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They stole 600 outboards

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Here is who you can blame for your boat insurance being so high in FL:

1. The owners of Netcycle Trading in Doral, FL (Miami) Nadia Esperanza Ledesma and her husband Carlos Orlando Ledesma.
2. Roberto Marrero-Cisneros who supplied fake serial numbers
3. Osmani Valdivia Perez of Leigh Acres, FL (Lee County) who financed it all.
4. Osmani's nephew Tomas Vale Valdivia in Mexico and also helped finance it and was previously arrested for smuggling migrants.

They were responsible for stealing and shipping about 600 outboard motors from Florida to Mexico between 2015-2018.

"The defendants face up to five years in prison at their sentencings in May before U.S. District Judge Robert Scola, and must pay forfeiture penalties totaling between $50,000 and $120,000 each to the U.S. government."

The punishment... "up to 5 years and a fine between $50K and $120K" for stealing and exporting motors valued between $9.5M and $25M.

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Public hangings should be brought back and a lot of this behavior would cease.
YES ^^
A cable channel - could be called The Hanging Channel, and be Rated PG-13.
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Don’t bother coming to SC. We aren’t far behind Florida on the Yankee importation. Not to mention all of the tacky Ohioans. There’s no secret southern coastal towns anymore.
Agreed. The population expansion here in SC is out of control. Our roads weren't able to handle the traffic before the Biden wrecking ball. We're known as a Red State but most of our politicians are far from it. It's the most corrupt bunch of good-ole-boy RINOs you could put together. I wish I could move, but we're stuck here due to high building costs and interest rates to replace what we have. I heard FL, TX, SC, and NC are the top four states for population expansion right now. It ain't fun living with it!
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