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    Mmmmm bacon. Nice piggy on the bow!

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    Great shot! Is that the bow you built?
  3. deerfly

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    thanks and no, that's a Howard Hill "Cheetah" I bought a few years back for my last AK moose hunt, 68" 58lb draw. I sold all my self made bows, definitely need to a few more, but not until the Mitchell project is done, which has to wait until the kitchen cabinets are done, etc, etc. :)
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    Kitchen cabinets, ah yes, thanks for reminding me. I knew there was something my wife asked for a while back.
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    Nice pig on a stick DF.
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    Kitchen cabinets... ;D...I knew they'd be on hold 'till huntin' was done.

    roast pork, mighty tasty.
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    Brett, I actually did work on the cabinets a bit in between the hunting endeavors. Had to keep peace with the missus. :) Was gonna post some of it in the Mitchell project thread for a little humor but never got to it.
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    Congrats on the successful hunt. How far out was he? Where did you hit him?
  9. phishphood

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    Yeah, can we get a little story to go with the pic? ;D
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    Good job Eric. Chops fo sho. Love the bright red blood.
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    Way to go with the long bow! Perfect eatin' size!!
  12. deerfly

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    well, since we were primarily hunting with dogs, it wasn't much of a bow hunting feat. But here's the story anyway.  :)

    For a little background, I've been trying to get my daughters catahoula pup out hog hunting for quite a while. So this past season I put in for one of the hog-dog hunts in Chazz and got it. Since Chloe's pup Ivy was completely inexperienced, I called a friend of mine who had some good dogs and asked if he'd want to join us this Saturday. Chris said heck yeah, he always wanted to have a look around in Chazz any way and then added that he was also headed out Sunday afternoon with his dogs to the Kissimmee flood plain area outside Sebring and asked if we wanted to join along on that hunt, which of course I accepted. Well, Chloe hurt her ankle a couple months ago and just had the cast removed this past Thursday and couldn't go on either hunt. Trey was being punished for being a 13 year old and couldn't go either. So it was just me and Ivy on this end.

    Chris and I hunted his two dogs, Hank and Dina and Chloes dog Ivy in Chazz Saturday without a strike. Dina ran a couple of deer but came back to us after a 10-15 minute chase. Other than that nothing much going on. We probably walked several miles through three different sections of the management area.

    We left out Sunday afternoon on Chris's airboat with his friend Adam and the three dogs. We put in near Ft. Basinger and ran north to an area Chris hunted quite a bit. After getting the airboat stuck and unstuck a half dozen times we set up camp on the flood plain right at dusk. We grilled a few fat porterhouse steaks while talking about life. By 9pm or so a pack of coyotes starting calling about a mile away which is always cool, if not a little spooky to hear out in the wilderness. Over the course of the night the pack had steadily moved closer and sometime around midnight passed between us and the river about 500 yards away.

    After breaking camp Monday morning we didn't get 150 yards and the dogs got into this sow and her yearling. Dina had this sow bayed up in a palmetto patch with Ivy running in and out as the sow growled and tried to bite Dina, Hank took off after what we learned a few minutes later to be the yearling.

    Ivy did OK for her second hog hunt, but wasn't sure what to make of this pig trying its best to rip a hole in Dina. So she'd run at it and bark when things looked safe and then turned tail when the pig charged or growled. While this was going on maybe 25-30 yards away we could hear the yearling squealing as Hank bayed and ended up catching the little guy. At the time I didn't know Adam ended up grabbing the yearling to keep Hank from killing it. All I could hear was Hank barking and growling like crazy with a pig squealing off in the distance.  

    Since we got on to these pigs so quickly we hadn't really discussed whether we'd let the dogs catch first or I'd shoot one with the bow. I mostly had the bow along for a spot and stalk opportunity if we happened to see the pigs off in the distance before the dogs scented them. So I yelled out to Chris, do you want me to shoot or do we want to catch her? Chris sort of ran over towards me yelling back to go ahead and shoot her.  

    Dina is not a "catch" dog. She's plenty feisty, but she won't grab a pig and hang on like Hank will. So I maneuvered as close as I could for a shot, which was maybe all of 5-7 yards. The problem was the sow was in the middle of a palmetto thicket jumping around trying to hit Dina with Ivy running in and out when she had the courage. So not only did I have to crouch and dip to see the pig, I had to wait until the pig stood still enough when the dog wasn't lunging in trying to grab her and also shoot through a little hole in the palmetto fronds while picking a killing shot at the same time. This was the "bow" challenge; hit the pig in a lethal spot and not either of the dogs.

    When my window of opportunity opened I focused on the spot best I could, drew back and released. I thought the arrow hit a bit low, but we later found out the broadhead cut the arteries at the top of the heart. Thinking I made a bad shot with the sow snarling at the dogs I grabbed another arrow, quickly repositioned myself and this time could only get a shot down into her neck, I knew this wasn't a good angle but considering the distance I shot anyway and not surprisingly the arrow stopped in the spinal column bone (turned out the 2 blade head was lodged in bone parallel to the spinal cord without cutting it). Since she was still standing and trying to fight I shot her again nearly broadside through the chest and she then fell over almost immediately. She was essentially dead on her feet after the first shot, but wild hogs are very scrappy creatures to say the least. Dina then dove in and grabbed her neck thinking she was gonna finish her off.

    What’s hard to describe here is once the dogs struck on the scent all this happened in less than a minute or so. What happens is you see the dogs suddenly bolt off, then you hear the pig grunt and then you run like hell to where the sounds are coming from. So in this case, even after the sow fell I didn't know there were only two pigs involved in this little rodeo. Since the sow was down and obviously dead I pulled Dina off her and headed toward the squealing and barking. Once Dina was off the sow she turned to the sounds and ran off on her own ahead of me. When I got to the all the racket Adam was holding the yearling up by the hind leg and Chris had Hank and Dina leashed up too. Ivy had run off, confused from all the action. We called her in and took the yearling out to a big opening in the slough so Ivy could mess with it in the open. Well, just like with the big sow, Ivy ran up and barked at the little boar, but as soon as he snorted or lunged back at her she took off again. He was a feisty little guy too, biting Adams leg and charging and biting at my boot when I approached too close. We let Ivy bark at him a few more times then leashed her up and let the boar run off no worse for wear, but hopefully a bit wiser.  :cool:

    here's a little clip of the boat ride out and a few more pics at the end.
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    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing the story!
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    But you did bring home the bacon. ;D ;D ;D That should count for something. ;)