The most interesting angler in the world

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    I might have to think up a few more... ;)
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    Finally, a little competition for Chuck Norris :D
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    he's was my first mate........but the SOB drank all my beer.
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    He’s the most interesting angler in the world

    He doesn’t often use live bait, but when he does, he catches it with his teeth.

    He once carved a wooden lure while sitting on the beach, but destroyed it immediately.
    They’re still trying to blame all the fish that died, when they lunged ashore, on red tide.

    Watched a guide in Montana “tickle” a trout, tried it, but no longer attempts it.
    It made him feel bad when they couldn’t be revived afterwards, due to the convulsive giggling.

    During an offshore trip for marlin, kept everyone entertained,
    by showing them how to build a kite...out of a flying fish.

    Saw a documentary on “noodling” while vacationing in the Keys,
    decided he’d give it a shot. Caught 6 morays on the first trip.

    During a stay in Tiajuana had to make a choice between drinking Dos Equis and tap water, chose the tap water.

    Stay frosty my friends... :cool: