The future of Chevy?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by cal1320, May 28, 2012.

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    Remember when WalMart sold products made in America? I think it was as recently as the early 90's. I've been protectionist on China since Clinton gave them most favored nation status. Between the recently discovered first nation in history to obtain direct bid access to US Treasuries and the buying out of AMC, I'd say we are on the fast track. And, if they ever completely take over, I'm sure they would just keep our same tweedle dee political leadership in place.

    Do we have any technology left to transfer? There are rumors they are building colonies in Idaho. Not sure if it's true.

    Wake up America! We live in a plutocracy until we vote our conscience and not for what boob we think may or may not win. Neither party has our interests. Not a single, bought, puppeteered soul!

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    no matter who we vote for, liberal,or republican, socialist, democrat.. It wont matter..
    They all have other peoples hands in their pockets guiding them where to go. And just say we did have a miracle and someone that cared as much as our forefathers came into office, no matter what bill they would try to pass would just get shot down by congress... Its a sad state, no doubt. Its pretty obvious that the fall of our country started right around the beginning of the epa, nato, U.N. etc
    It would be so awesome if we would shoot then take names like we used to.

    Andrew jackson "when the people fear their government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty"
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    cal - great watch. I am all too familar with a company in the video.

    Recidivist - I personally don't care on them buying treasuries direct because they are only buying debt and no assets. We can walk away and they hold a pile of worthless paper.

    cut - exactly! But I have another idea of the beginning of the fall but will not share in an open forum.
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    Oh trust me, i could go on..
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    I was complaining almost 20 years ago the Chinese buying our real estate and a man I respected said "What will they do when we tell them to come get it we are armed"
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    Here is a non propagandized version of China's purchase of our (taxpayers) national debt.