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  1. It has recently come to my attention that my messages may be causing "problems" with some Microskiff members.

    While I think it's perfectly acceptable to post both positive and negative opinions of Gheenoes, I do not want to be a continuing thorn in people's side.

    So, I've decided to move on, at least for a while.

    If anyone needs assistance on the Lagoon, please don't hesitate to call me and hopefully I can do the same.

    Thanks for the exchange of information and laughs.

  2. Lil_Tate

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    don't let the door hit ya....... ;D

  3. tom_in_orl

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    I personally am sad to see anyone leave the forum. S&L may have had the minority opinion when it came to draft and tippiness but it made people think and there were a lot of very well thought out responses. None of which would have existed without his opinions.

    One last comment. Personal attracts will not be tolerated around here. I don't think that it happened in this case but I wanted to point it out. There is a lot of room for heated debate. Just don't make it personal. It will always be ok to criticize actions and opinions but not the individual. I think this is a fair place to draw the line. Members who's opinions get criticized will also have to have a bit of thick skin. Leaving the forum because you can not stand the heat is not a good way to go out.
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  5. EATME

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    Sorry guys,I might have added to the Heat LOL
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    Your Welcome [smiley=1-headache.gif]
  7. JoeWelbourn

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    What contraversy and I missed it? I am normally the guy in the thick of contraversy. I must be slacking in my old age. Hate to see ya go, but that is your call.
  8. pinfish

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    cry me a freaking river! :'(
  9. inboardgheenoeguy

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    We've all had our share of heat on here, some more than others. The bottom line is "Debait is what you use to catch DeFish"  There's gotta be one in every crowd, I guess it's up to Ron now. [smiley=1-boxing2.gif]  Sorry to see ya go......Sea-Ya !
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    I personally think S&L did nothing wrong. He bought a boat and he was disappointed in it. I like to hear honest opinions both positive and negative. It was not like he was just bashing a product. I think he was giving his honest opinion. I don't agree with all his opinions but thats OK. just my .02
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    I don't think that was an issue. He left on his own. He was entitled to his opinion but posted it on a forum with hard core loyal Gheenoe lovers. Can't walk into a snake pit and not expect to get bit.

    If he decides to come back at a later date, I don't think anyone on this forum would have a problem with it.

    Just my .00000000000002 sense
  13. EbbTide

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    Some guys just make the whole "fun" forum thing a real azz whip ya know. It's a fishin forum S&L, drink a beer and have fun with it... good lawd.
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    Relax. Don't go anywhere. I think one of the most frustrating aspects of your responses has been that you are cold/hot. You have identified yourself as a die hard Gheenoer, but at times really come down hard on the boat.

    Your posts are always well thought out and important to those members here who are trying to make an informed decision about what boat to buy.

    I do disagree with you on several what? Don't become a lurker...stick it out!

  15. orlgheenoer

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    Sad to see someone leave :-[
  16. EATME

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    Yall are full of it,I know ur all glad to see him go! I wish more people would just say what they think insted of thinkin about it 1st...Oh by the way I got droped on my head as A child and that part of my head dont work! LOL So all yall can EAT ME!! LOL
  17. orlgheenoer

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    it would have been enjoyable if he wouldve blown up and left with a STFU instead of leaving like a gentlemen, and since he left respectably it leads me to believe he was an okay guy.
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    hey tanner,

  19. beavis

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    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

    couldn't resist
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    Now that was funny.  Guess you had to be there. [smiley=1-lmao.gif] [smiley=1-lmao.gif]