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Out of Babylon Ny we were off to continue catchin em, and hopefully do well in the Babylon tourney that was held this weekend.

We left at dark thirty for the 100 mile run to fish close to texas tower.  The energy level was great as we have been putting the hurt on tuna for about a month now and have a consistant pattern going.  Rigged and ready to go we arrived at our stompin grounds. Todays menu included ballyhoo and ofcoarse the green machine in the spread. Lines when out for about 15 minutes and, wack , 2 rods down and 1 dumping alot of line. Let the mayhem begin..... my buddy brought a decent bluefin boatside, not really a tourney contender so cut the line and concentrated on the better fish. Pete was on this rod and was tryin to put the screws to this fish but was losing the battle (could have something to do with the fugazed gimbal he insisted on using). With some nifty boat skillz from Joey we finally got her boatside after 45 minutes and a BIGEYE...........sweet. Good job on the gaff and through the door she comes, this is a great fish and def a potential tourney winner. Too cool... to hook it up and get it to the boat so early on, the pressure is off, now its time to do some real damage and upgrade. We got the fish under control and into the box and began to rerig for round dos.

This is were things went all wrong.

Pete was in the gally when Joe went to use the head. Pack it up we gotta go and i mean now!! Pete is hyper-ventilating, is all red and sweaty and complaining of chest pains

This is the first time i can say im glad to have gone to sea school and have my capt lisc

The information i learned has possibly saved a life

Baby asprin dispensed immediately and mayday mayday

THANK GOD for the coast guard they came up from the west (over by atlantic city) and met us on the way. The response was immediate

I have to say these guys are AMAZING. The basket was dropped right on the deck. Also from sea school Do Not touch the basket.

Pete was now in good hands and on his way to the ER via helicopter

Stopped at weigh in and at 159 poids we are in the lead for the biggest tuna, and hopefully will be able to give this trophy to Pete

Back to the dock to unload and get to the hospital and thats when i found it.... a G_d dang BANANA....... WTF Do i really need to tell you i told ya so..........please, please, please leave this tainted fruit at home. Why take a chance????

Pete is going to be ok and is on the mends.

Here is a picture of the bigeye, we decided not to fish today as a storm is quickly appraoching, hopefully the tuna's weight will hold


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I have the utmost respect for the fellows of the Coast Guard.

Extermely exultant for your safety and can relate to the experience two fold.

In 1985 I was on Lake Huron duck hunting and in blew a storm. 26 hours later we were rescued by the Canadian Coast Guard. 2008 (two days after my wedding) we were diving off Venice when my cousin had a similar medical emergency and in came the Coast Guard. This one did not end so blissfully.
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