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Texas rainbows

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Anyone here fish the rainbow releases ? A buddy and I were discussing some possible fly trips... Thought I'd see if anyone had any luck or comments/advice, thoughts etc
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No but I wouldn’t mind taking my son to check it out. There are also monster brown trout down river a bit.
I was thinking my son might enjoy it also .... I saw some release dates- they have one scheduled for Mathis and Waldron park in January... I'm guessing if the water temps are right. ... Either way ... Those guys won't last long ... But thinking itcould be a lot of fun ... They're such beautiful fish I'd sure like to catch one without traveling out of state..

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Let a friend borrow my key card for some private entry fishing at River Chase. No monsters but he had a striped bass take a small trout off for him. Freaked him out pretty good.
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