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Tell Me About Navigating Homosassa

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Was talking to a guy recently about fishing locally (St.Pete) and he told me he had started going to Homosassa instead because the fishing (especially fly fishing) was much better, and that he hadn't fished here for awhile since he started going. But then came the topic of navigating the area which is much more difficult, he ended up spending over $3k on a Simrad and FMT and said it was a huge help trying to navigate around there. He didn't get into specific spots but mentioned Oyster Creek and Porpoise Bay as good starting points for exploring around and finding fish.

I was wondering if I'd be able to navigate the area without spending a ton of money on a chart plotter and FMT. Like are there any good phone apps I could use and just take things really slow? Or maybe get an older chart plotter used for cheap? If so which ones are dependable? My skiff is a cheap Rabco so i'm not worried about hitting rocks or oyster beds or anything and messing up the hull it's already beat up. I figured if we take our time we should be ok for the most part, but I could be horribly wrong lol. Would appreciate any input on this, part of us wanting to go is the adventure of a new place to explore but I want to be as prepared as possible so i know what to expect.
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I started a thread on getting the chip and if it was worth it or not on my Simrad. I didn’t end up buying it, just because I’m more of a traditionalist when it comes to that kinda stuff and would’ve been a non factor on my unit. But my first time over there was about a month ago and I launched out of ozello. Everything you hear about rocks and what’s been posted already on this thread is 100% accurate. Even with the chip I’d crawl around that area. I don’t believe I got on plane but a few times. Even idling around I had my buddy stand on the bow just to be safe because it changes that quickly. Hats off to you boys that run through their WOT 😂. I’d rather bring my boat back in one piece
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