teh suk

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by iMacattack, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Folks here got the "letter"... few less cars in the parking lot... :-/

    tek suk :(
  2. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Lot of that going round.

    Be thankful you still see your car in the lot.

    Still suks though

  3. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Corona killing teh pain... but even it tastes not so sweet...
  4. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Sorry I can't be there to buy but will you drink one or two or sixteen for me?
  5. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    yup thats a major suk. The company I work for went in and out of bankruptcy in 2003-4, then got bought out by another foreign owned company which manages to stay alive with investment dollars between soft sales. There isn't a day that goes by that everyone on my team doesn't wonder when the hammer is gonna fall. Been this way off and on for almost 5 years now. What keeps us together is we like what we do and also have the liberty to work from home. However, that constant uncertainty can really wear on ya sometimes.
  6. HaMm3r

    HaMm3r Well-Known Member

    I got the ax once, due to "down-sizing". :'( It was tough at the time, but I ended up in a much better place, comparable pay and lots more time for family and fishing. :) I just hope it lasts... :-/

    Hopefully, those folks will find their "silver lining" also...
  7. costefishnt

    costefishnt Cost Efish'nt³

    serious suk. i thank the lucky stars i work for a company that has been around for 120 years, and the govment loves defense contractors.

    prayers for a long career for ya....wait. yer already old aint ya? ;)
  8. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Reality is that I have never know a person that didn't think they were better off after the turmoil was over. Hard to see that when your in the middle though. ;)
  9. MATT

    MATT Well-Known Member

    Jan, if you got the letter also call me.
  10. gheenoeguy

    gheenoeguy Well-Known Member

    I own A small Pool service business and clean up to 26 pools A day. My wife wants me to sell my company because I'm breaking my back for not A lot of money. I alway's tell her it's my business and no one is laying me off. Good luck.
  11. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    no letter for me, still "ployeed". Feelin bad for those who did get the letter.
  12. captnron

    captnron Guest

    I hear ya man. Started to shut my business down and got to work for somebody. At least I won't be letting go of my product lines and taking a chance of getting layed off. IMHO, it's better to tough it out.
  13. McFly

    McFly Well-Known Member

    teh suk for sure. 176 year old fire truck manufacturer bought 2 years ago by an investment company files Chapter 11, part of the reorganization plan is to eliminate ambulances (division I have worked for almost a decade, loved the job and product) - my last day is tomorrow. Got a corporate email today talking about how great things are looking for coming out of bankruptcy, blah blah blah - why would they think I care? Just want to make sure I don't loose the house, already sold the boat...

    Corporate America - teh suk :mad:
  14. iMacattack

    iMacattack busy, too busy

    Sorry to hear that McFly! :-[ I'm sure you'll land on your feet soon.
  15. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    WoW guys 1 I am a self employed plumber ...Lots of dirty Jobs ! I live as frugal as possible ...NO Lavish Exepndatures ! lots of bartering and trading up and down ... Gave a complete high sider with motor and trailer to an un employed buddy of mine ...

    Good Luck ! keep the faith .... Dave
  16. Flyline

    Flyline Won "Do More With Less" Award!

    Tek suk is my government job budget is cutting down by 51% this year and everything is going to be tight , but I thank god for not cutting me or anybody off the job at all. We'all stick together and hang on until the budget comes back up again.

    Several government department in another counties has been shut down this year due to budget because of property taxes and more taxes for stoopid U.S pigggottonnn and half-asses people in the white house.

    The whole U.S economy is getting worse and believe me it will go back to depression one of these days.
  17. captnron

    captnron Guest

    Yee have little faith in the people who live here. We like our lifestyle and will fight to keep it. But we may have to endure some tough times for those who wanted to live way beyond their means.

    When I watch people walk away from debt and file for a second time in bankruptcy court I just have to wonder WTF is going on. Who do you think is gonna pay? Responsibility sucks. :mad: