Tech Guru Trashes iPhone 4 !!!

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    This is from Kayak mike  Tech Guru Extraordinare !

    I returned my iphone4 today and thought I would share some of the whys and wherefores.

    Just a little background - I'm a computer consultant with over 28 years experience writing operating systems for PCs and embedded consumer electronics like pagers, PDAs, and phones. I've been using a Blackberry for the past 4 years on a 2G EDGE network.

    I've been working on developing some phone apps for Blackberry and Android and figured at some point I'd need to get an iphone to do some iphone development. It has been my opinion up until now that iphone and Android would basically be the only surviving platforms with RIM Blackberry, Microsoft-based phones, Nokia, and others fighting for the remaining scraps. The smartphone wars resemble the old PC operating system wars and the platform or 2 with the most users and best tools will likely be the long term winners (ala Windows).

    The last 2 weeks have dramatically changed my outlook. 2 weeks ago I was all set to get the HTC Evo from Sprint - the day before I was to get the phone so I'd have a live Android platform I saw all the techie reviews beating the crap out of HTC for building a phone that has basically no power management at all and lasts mere hours. What a bummer - the Evo has everything you'd want with all it's great Google integration (except being able to easily push email from any pop like a Blackberry), HD video, 8MP camera, awesome display, lots of great Google integration and support for Flash and all the industry standard tools you could want.

    So I figured well maybe I should hit the iphone next. I could develop my apps for blackberry and android using tools and emulators on a Windows PC, but the iphone would require a new phone AND a Mac for development. So I pre-ordered the iphone4 and was shopping for Macs.

    I got my iphone yesterday, spent 2 hours with ATT getting it properly activated, and immediately ran into the 'antenna problem'. If you haven't heard just by holding the phone 'incorrectly' the conductivity of your skin can short the external antenna and causes dropped calls. Literally you can watch the bars go away while you hold it in your hand, then you put it down and watch them come back.

    Today Apple announced this was an issue with all phones and we would just have to 'learn how to hold the phone properly'. Are you kidding me??????????

    Apple knew this was happening and did nothing. They even have a crappy $29 piece of rubber they want you to buy which insulates the antenna. They are so arrogant that they can't even admit their major mistake in hardware design, have the nerve to say we need to relearn how to hold a phone, and are so stupid they didn't think to just include the piece of rubber with every phone so this would not be the nightmare it has become. BTW you can't get a nice otter box protector for 2 months becuase Apple did not work with any of the good protector and case manufacturers - simply BRILLIANT!

    I can imagine great PC/Mac ads on YouTube coming out where Steve Jobs tells us we're just not holding it right, then they show some guy with it stuck up his butt saying 'I get great reception!' - and he can even talk on it becuase he is so over the top in 'Apple love' that his head is already far up his rectal orifice too!

    Can you imagine Microsoft telling you that thei new wireless mouse isn't the problem - you're just not touching it properly?

    And while we're on the topic of touching iphones let me air this out a bit. I now have a much greater appreciation for how simple it is to hit a button or 2 on the blackberry to get a number dialed or view an email. To do the same thing on an iphone you have to press one button repeatedly, caress it, stroke it, pinch it, pull it, swipe it - for goodness sake I WANT TO MAKE A PHONE CALL NOT GET THE PHONE AROUSED!!!!!!!

    So I went back to the ATT store today and returned the iphone4 - they refunded everything and restored my old trusty blackberry back to where it was before I embarked on this Apple nightmare. And BTW I won't be buying a Mac soon and will wait for the next improved Blackberry for my personal use, and will likely purchase an Android phone for testing some Android apps - after all I can develop those on my Windows PC.

    I have now revised my smartphone wars estimates for the future. RIMM Blackberry will remain solid because it's the only smartphone that just works right everytime. Blackberry may be slower on the delivery of the sexy features but the phone, email, usability, enterprise integration, and support is top notch. Future blackberry devices will be sexier and of course they will work harder on app presence. It amazes me that major companies such as Apple and HTC/Google can do such a crappy job developing leadership products - whether it's a zero in power management for Android devices or a less than zero for an iphone with an antenna that requires the user to hold it 'just right' for it to work, it's a technical TRAGEDY and teaches us a lot about the corporate culture and standards of excellence (or lack of them) at these companies. RIMM, Apple, and Android will split the top of the smartphone market with Android moving to #1, RIMM solidifying at #2, and Apple at #3.

    BTW my wife, a user of an iphone 3G for a year now thought the iphone4 was a piece of crap and swears she will not upgrade to the new iphone OS. If you currently have an iphone here's some good advise - do not upgrade to an iphone4 and do not upgrade the OS on your phone. If you want an iphone get one of the older ones for less or try one of the alternatives. Truly the good productivity apps are available on Blackberry and Android too, and Android browses every bit as good as an iphone and Blackberry is improving and there are strengths that the iphone just doesn't have (and don't get me started on Apple crippling Google integration on the iphone or locking out Adobe tools such as Flash - Dept of Justice will be knocking on the door soon Apple!)

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    Re: Tech Guru Trashes I Phone 4 !!!

    That's all I needed to read...  ::) He sounds like the last man left on the Titanic arguing the ship is unsinkable... all while the ship is going down around him.

    I won't waste my energy tearing apart his rant as it's quite evident he know not of what he speaks... but if you do a little searching on this thing called the "internet" you'll learn his arguments are bogus. To Quote John Gruber from Daring Fireball
    iPhone 4's supposed signal woes aren’t unique, and may not be serious

    Capt. Jan


    ...just 47 percent of BlackBerry users looking to stick with a Research in Motion handset. And 34 percent of Windows Mobile users said they would stick with the same operating system in their next phone. But Android users are also twice as likely to try the iPhone than iPhone users are likely to try Android. Among those surveyed, 14 percent of Android users said they would switch to an iPhone, while 7 percent of iPhone users said they would buy an Android device instead.

    P.S. let me also add that while I believe his arguments are bogus, (I've spent the past almost 30 years using all platforms starting from my DOS and Basic programming youth to today troubleshooting systems on multimillion dollar high-end digital press running RedHat, SUSE Linux Enterprise, and multiple flavors of Microsoft, oh and Mac OS X.) he does have a huge amount of my respect for what he's done with promoting our shared resources, kayaking and enjoying the peace and solitude of fishing from a non powered craft.  [smiley=1-thumbsup1.gif] 

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    Thank you Jan ...

    Probably should have pm'ed you that one lol

    Perhaps you can help me with my Windows CE Device ...

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    Look for an electronics recycling program in your area then buy a Droid or iPhone. ;D
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    Or buy a Microsoft Kin... oh, wait... maybe not... :D
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    at least It's safe from BIG BROTHER !

    The new devices are only a gateway for us to be tracked and scrutinized by any agency or originization that wants to !!!


    I will spell check this from the "mother ship" later  cant see text
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    If your on the grid you NOT safe from "Big Brother" Get off the grid or assimilate.

  8. Brett

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    Anything designed by a committee is guaranteed to disappoint somebody.


    I'm operating 4 years behind the technology anyhow, so the problems don't bother me.
    Heck, in my pockets anything with an unprotected screen, I'll break.
    Besides, I have no use for all the apps, or accessing the web from a teenie-tiney device
    that I have to hold at the tip of my nose to read. It's a phone, that's all I need.
    The rest is just useless stuff that causes problems and eats what little battery reserve there is.
    I've got better things to do than look at a 2 inch diagonal screen for entertainment.
    And texting...what a waste of time, I got something to say, I'll call.
    You ain't there...that's what voice-mail is for! The rest is just a waste of effort.

              I feel much better now.... ;D
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    i second that. i have the waterproof casio flip phone from verizon and love it. i can take it surfing and fishing with me! now thats something thats useful if you ask me :)
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    x2 -i make phone calls and a rare text mess. technology is great but who needs crap you can barely see, read, or use for anything anyways, leave it to the geeks :) , tooo many a$$es out there staring into screens and not doing what they should be doing :mad:
    -i feel better too... :)
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    Number one thing I like about technology.

    Off button!

  12. paint it black

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    What's song wrong with the iphone4.0 software upgrade on the 3Gs??
    It's a lot better than the previous one.
    As far as allowing a user to multi task throughout apps like one couldn't do before.

    I will stick with my 3Gs and wait it out to see if Apple fixes some of the problems with service before jumping to the iPhone4.

    And say what you will about a phone is a phone.
    But in Flamingo, I wouldn't want to be with anything other than an iPhone.

    My Navionics app works anywhere in the back country.
    I get service pretty much anywhere out front, and spread out throughout whitewater bay.

    I can literally post live updates on facebook with fish where others turn their phones off to ensure they have battery life due to the phone constantly searching for service.
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    (Full Disclosure: I am an iPhone 3GS/IOS4 user)

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    Since this thread (and me also) is still living, here are my tongue in cheek thoughts on "smartphones". I tend to agree with Brett.

    It is so often that I go into a restaurant at night and see 3 or 4 people at a table all texting someone else (I am assuming that they are not texting each other). I open my facebook account only to find that someone I know has just left the gym, made a super chunky peanut butter sandwich, driven past an empty BP station, or found a great coupon, etc. This is information that I would never have known about before smartphones, and maybe it was better that way. Nobody would dial up a friend to say that they were having an awesome Starbucks latte while surfing the internet on wi-fi. WTF cares?

    I used to assume cars that were weaving out of their lane were driven by drunks--not any more. I assume they are driven by texters. Smartphones (oxymoron) are a major addiction, and well, often a pain in the ass. While you are face to face, talking to someone, they will pull out a phone to see who just sent them a text message. Not being able to concentrate on your work is now called multitasking.

    Alexander Graham Bell moved us into the age of the telephone around the beginning of the 20th century. Texting has taken us back to the days of morse code...a sophisticated version, but morse code nevertheless. I am not so stupid as to not recognize the usefulness of text messages. There are a lot of people I don't want to talk to, so I let their call go to voice mail. It uses more bandwidth and I don't pay extra for the priviledge- kinda like sticking it to the carrier.

    As for many people however, my view is that they are just following the crowd. That's not all bad-it's good for capitalism and creates a great secondary market. I lost my phone and was able to buy an almost new Blackberry for $40. The owner wanted a new sexy smartphone. I liked the slim size and light weight of the Blackberry. I blocked text messaging and got just what I wanted. If I need text in the future, I can add it. If you feel the need to complain about my rant, feel free to call me. You'll probably have to talk to my voicemail, but I prefer it that way.  ;)
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    nicely done cm.  :cool: while yer still living, when's the next rice paddy red report due up? :)

    Not surprisingly I share a similar disdain for the new era of personal communications too. Although a few of us around here could more easily be dismissed as techno impaired old fuddy duddies on these sorts of topics, some of us old farts don't use iPhones because we're too feeble to turn them on, quite the contrary...

    In 1978 started programming these things...

    using this...

    In 1996 a sample of my technical abilities were published here (note the last auteur, the name and initials are no coincidence :))

    Most current drifter technology benefited in some way from our work back then and undoubtedly there are drifters deployed right now tracking the the BP disaster using similar technology as we speak. Since then and up to now I've done all sorts of geeky stuff, mostly writing software for, supporting and debugging wireless communication interfaces on both private and public wireless networks.

    So just because some of us old dudes prefer non-technical poling skiff's with minimal or no gadgets on board doesn't mean we couldn't work'em if we had too.  :D

    you guys can call me doctor deerfly if ya want, but you don't have to.  :)
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    Despite ‘Don’t Buy’ Recommendation, iPhone 4 Is Consumer Reports’ Top-Rated Smartphone

  17. noeettica

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    Whoa Bad PR !
  18. deerfly

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    this fiasco is a big black eye for Apple and even Consumer Reports test methods and conclusions are suspect. Still, Apple has the resources to do a better job and they failed miserably.

    Maybe now the Apple/Mac Koolaide drinkers will at least pause for a breath between gulps...