Tax Free Bliss :-)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by noeettica, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. noeettica

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    Here Ya go !  NO road use tax ! No Water Use tax ... I may do this !
  2. topnative2

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    Re: Freeloaders

    u are on a role on two sites u be bad :D

  3. Delmer

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    Re: Freeloaders

    I think using the term Freeloaders is pretty low class. Just because someone that may live very close to the water chooses not burn more fossil fuels and screw up our enviroment even more uses a devise like this is no reason to call them Freeloaders. The devise is called a Mule. They were invented by a gentleman in Key West to make it easier to get to and from the water in such an enviroment. I can't really imagine someone living in Orlando using one to get to the Goon. I didn't really think that the people on here were so one sided but I guess you get at least one in every crowd.

    Just my .02
  4. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    I agree ... Changed it ...

    I said I may Do It ...

    I may also live off the grid .... Disolve my corporation and Quit Working ...
  5. TomFL

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    Dave, you can't do that now!!!

    Too many immigrants coming into this country (REAL Freeloaders) that are depending on you to keep working so they can have their benefits!!!

    As far as the bike, I love the idea. I've a huge cyclist (it's true, I'm much bigger now that I don't ride as much  ;D ) and am always conjuring up ideas to incorporate a bike into my daily routine. Hunting, fishing, you name it.

    It's a great way to avoid congestion on the roads, get some exercise and do something good for the environment at the same time.

    I'm working on an idea now to use the giant roll-eez wheels I picked up here on the forum and hitch the gheenoe to the back of the Pugsley to get into lakes and areas where nobody else can get with a boat. Similiar to this idea, but more of an off-road version.

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  7. Frank_Sebastian

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    Thats Key West alright. At one time I loved that town. I lived at the BOQ during the October of 62 crisis with Cuba and Russia. I owned a house on Big Pine, but couldn't get away even for a few hours. My favorite restaurants were the La Lechenera on Carolline street and El Casique on Front St. I sure wish someone would invent a time machine.

  8. skinny_water

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    I wish there was a tax deduction for that in FL. I tried to find one this year because I logged 2.5k miles on the road bike this year commuting! The yak idea is great. Would rather put some low resistance tires on it and your set!