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My wife and I are fortunate to have a lot of free time to fish. We live in the NW and have a well outfitted RV we use to tow our boat all over the NW.

We decided we would like to start spending some time out of the NW each year. We talked about buying a place somewhere with good fishing, but that is somewhat limiting. We really enjoy Florida, Louisiana and Texas. We know we can drive the RV, but if we want to get away for a couple weeks, it doesn't make sense to drive several days round trip.

We have decided to stay flexible and buy a small, easy to store boat that is suitable for back water, shallow flats type of fishing. We enjoy light tackle and fly fishing. We have an extra 4x4 truck we can store in the same location as the boat, or close to the closest airport. Get a place through something like VRBO, fly in and fish. We like the idea that we can leave the boat and truck some place like Mosquito Lagoon, and when we feel like a change, reposition the truck and boat someplace different and fly into that area next time. An obvious advantage to a small boat, especially with a swing tongue trailer, is the ability to store it in a relatively small, enclosed storage unit.

The boat at the top of our list right now is a Tavernier 17 (built by Ankona). The wife really likes the recessed front deck. It will take some chop, and should be plenty roomy for the two of us. I've talked with Erin at Ankona (great lady) and we can get any of their boats outfitted exactly as we like. I've corresponded with a member here that has had a Tavernier for a while, and I believe it would run shallow enough for what we want to do, and provide some good stability and ability to handle some light chop. I know for some areas in Texas you need really minimal draft, but I don't think we're willing to compromise rougher water ability and stability to get an ultra shallow drafting skiff. The prices of the Ankona boats are also tough to beat.

Are there any other similar skiffs we should consider? I've looked at most of the well known boats and the Tavernier and Ankona Native SUV keep checking the most boxes. Any advice or thoughts would be most appreciated.
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