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    A fellow was duck hunting and he went up to the corner store, well he had a big bag, seven beautiful birds. There was a game warden in the store and when he saw the boy he knew that he should probably check him out. So he took the boy around to the side of the store and opened his game bag. The warden grabbed the first duck and stuck his finger up the birds butt, then he pulled it out and smelled it."Damn if that ain't a Virginia duck, you got your Virginia License?"asked the warden. And the boy reached in his pocket and sure enough he had a Virginia license. "Now this looks like a...(sniff)...just as I suspected, Tennessee Duck, you got your Tennessee license?" And the boy handed him a Tennessee license. "just as I suspected, A Georgia duck, license please" and for some reason the boy had one of those too. Just before the game warden got ready to 'checkout' the next duck he said, "Boy where are you from?" The boy replied as he bent over,"If your so damn smart find out your damnself!"
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    "Oh, that's nasty."


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    lol...ghoot one brett
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    Grab a stool and stay awhile.
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    Sorry Bret, B. Lee's reply was funnier than your joke... ;D
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    The come-backs usually are funnier, but someone has to set it up first... [smiley=happy.gif]

    Around here, that's called team effort... ;)...or instigating. ::)