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Fish Fish Salmon Fin Bony-fish
Fish Fish Eye Mouth Drawing
Water Blue Sky Architecture Line
Fish Fish Carp Arapaima Bony-fish
Fish Fish Fish products Bony-fish Ray-finned fish
Blue Green Turquoise Footwear Close-up
Sand Sky Water Eye Material property
Eye Tattoo Organ Illustration Drawing
Finished up my latest tarpon painting a couple weeks ago and am now ready to sell both the painting and the prints. The painting is oil on canvas (24”x36”). Price for it is $650 ($500+$150 to ship) to your door or $500 if you pick it up from my house (located in Houston, Tx). The prints are done on acid/bleach free cold press paper. The paper itself is 18x24” and the image size is 14x21”. The prints are individually numbered and limited to only 50 and are priced at $85 for pickup or $110 to your door. You can either pm me on here, text me at+12816225525, or email me at [email protected].
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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