Tampa fishing in August

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by Finn Maccumhail, Mar 8, 2018.

  1. Nope. Can’t say that I’m a baseball fan.
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    Adam, I understand you are now a resident here. But there is a difference competing with you as a recent resident and or long standing local fly guides hammer out different fly fishing situations for poons over the course of the entire year, year after year, 10-20yrs in a row, over someone who has recently move here and decided to become a guide. The OP is a guy who has been on this board for a while now and I'm sure is looking for his best options if possible for the few short days he has here.

    I'm sure you are a great and decent guy who loves to fish and can get a good one to the boat here and there. But doing it on off season with clients, like in Aug, takes someone who has studied the fish year after year and has proven to still catch them on the fly during those off times. That takes local knowledge, experience and time putting your dues in IMHO. With all due respect, that's why I recommended going with these more seasoned guides or backbone's recommendation, who know the behaviors of tarpon during both the on and off months, year after year. What they did last year doesn't mean they'll do the same this year. Are they here or do you have to run 50 miles to go get them on fly? In my experience with true fly fishermen, they'd rather work hard and run far to get just one fish hookup on fly, rather than soak threads at night on a spinning rod, under a bridge at night during Aug. and end up catching 3 of them.

    No offense, but these guys I've mentioned (and there are many others) have all put their dues in and have a reputation for producing, in this small local area, in this niche of fishing. Just sayin....

    In my experience with big poons, during the off season like in Aug/Sept, on the fly, they are a fish that you love to hate! :confused:

    Good luck and I'm looking forward to hearing about your fly fishing progress with your clients and reports. :cool:
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  3. With all due respect shaman you don’t know me. I don’t know you. But you just painted me wrong and that’s on you. I don’t typically engage in online banter with people whom I don’t know. So I will end it with this. I agree with you I am personal friends with a couple people you mentioned and they are phenomenal fisherman. Soak threadfins? Seriously? I catch tarpon on fly year round. I put all my work and effort into being good at tarpon. I don’t care if you recommend someone else. That’s fine. There are a ton of great guides. But don’t try and tell me about myself.
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    I get it and with apologies, I never mentioned that you are soaking threads under bridges. Just that certain fly fishermen would rather go great lengths to get them on fly, rather than what was mentioned above.

    I hope you have a great season this year.
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    Just to be clear- I have no interest in booking a guide for anything but fly fishing. I have a couple buddies who live in Tampa but neither one fly fishes. If I want to use gear I'll just go with them.

    In fact, I'll probably fish with them one day but want to fly fish a couple more days.
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    Hey Adam, didnt you win the tarpon tournament (fly only) and place top 3 each of the last three years here in Tampa? Asking for a friend...
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    What tarpon tournament?