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Well to my recollection this was my first Tampa bay igrand slam so why not share some pics 馃槀

None of the fish were extraordinary but hey.. a juvie tarpon on the flats in early February!? I鈥檒l take it! No big fish but definitely a fun and memorable day on the water 馃榿

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first check off the list were a couple fun size snook on live shrimp

Fishing net Fish Fisherman Glove Baseball cap

next a (very surprising) juvenile tarpon that pounced on my chartreuse jig head

Water Vertebrate Fisherman Fish Lake

then a small little puppy red on the tail end of the incoming tide at a spot I鈥檇 seen them schooled up in a couple weeks ago

Water Vertebrate Fisherman Sleeve Outdoor recreation

had a few shrimp left so I thought why not go hit a deeper grass flat and go for the slam! 10 mins later and it was mission accomplished! 馃槀

Aside from the tarpon wasn鈥檛 really an extraordinary day, but definitely a fun one on a warm sunny February afternoon!
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