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First time taking the new Skimmer out for a ride. Decided to test her out close to home so my buddy and I stayed in the canals, fishing the banks off of Tamiami Trail.

Boat ran like a dream but the bass had other plans! We started the day off at 6:30am tossing topwater frogs and skitter walks on to the myriad of lily pads lining the banks. Fish were not having any of it. As the sun started to rise and the water warmed up a bit, we switched over to plastics. Threw carolina rigged worms, flukes, shads and frogs to no avail. Our only 3 largemouth bass came on Rapala X-Raps mid water.

Although the bite was abnormally slow, it was a beautiful day. Truly blessed to live this close to a natural paradise! Love the new skimmer and looking forward to getting into the flats and backcountry in the near future.


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