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tach for Mercury 40 3 cyl 4 stroke...?

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For the most money I can buy a factory wiring harness. I see LOTS of aftermarket tachs but with little or no info about what is necessary to wire them up.
Would you go with an inexpensive tack [I read about Tiny Tachs] or a factory [$$] model. I believe my motor has an accessory plug connection, not sure how difficult it would be to 'wire into' it with aftermarket stuff.
Anyone install a tach for their Merc 3 cyl 4 stroke motor? [2006].
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To wire in an aftermarket tach, you'll need the wiring diagram/color coding for your merc
in order to connect the proper terminals on the tach to the correct wires on the outboard.
Not difficult, just have to pay attention to the details.
I've had good luck with Teleflex gauges over the years.
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