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    Hey All,

    I ended up switching gears and am doing a full build of a Bateau Indian River Skiff starting this week. I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to electrical systems so I am sorry for the total newbie questions.

    I researched several different four switch panels and was hoping to clarify. Some are labeled "waterproof" like the Blue Sea Weatherdeck. What does this mean? As compared to others like a Five Oceans panel which is labeled as "splash proof"?

    Also, I was looking for a 4 switch panel with integrated fuses and a 12v adapter to charge my iPhone... any suggestions?

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    The Blue Sea can handle being submerged for a few minutes. The Five Oceans is designed to keep normal spray out but not if soaked.

    Some wrist watches you can go diving with and some are only safe to wash your hands.