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I am getting ready to rework my micro skiff. I have a Bateau FS18 that currently does not have a whole lot of electronics on it. The things I am installing are:

Atlas Micro Jacker
Bennett Trim Tabs
Navigation Lights
Micro Power Pole
Possible Fish Finder / Chart Plotter

I have a good understanding on getting everything wired up to the battery. My question is, does anybody make a switch panel that I can incorporate all these separate switch arrangements / functions into one panel? I would need three rocker switches that operate the up and down functions of the tabs and jack plate and then a handful more with just on and off functions. I am sure I can probably fabricate something but it would be a whole easier if I can find an existing panel that you can customize.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


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Just Get an AMarine or DC Distribution rocker switch panel off Amazon.

They have various sizes (switch holes) and some with chargers. (like mine below)

I've rigged a few boats with these. You can pull the switches that come with them out and replace with Momentary On/Off/On reversing switches for your tabs and jack plate.

I didn't like the white stripe on mine, so I pulled all the switches and painted it with some black epoxy paint. Here's one custom panel I did ...added a blue indicator light for my charging system.

Blue Computer case Light Technology Lighting
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