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    I have a Float On Alum trailer that my Copperhead sits on.  I need 30" to fit in my garage.

    This trailer has the aluminum "I" beams that run all the way up to the hitch.  Hop ethat makes sense.  So, installing a swing hitch will get me about 6" off the length.....and that aint gonna work.

    If the "I" beams could be cut and tied into the bar a couple feet back it would free up the space.  Anyone tried this, or even know what my challenge is? 

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    Re: Swing Tounge Help

    It is the wrong trailer for swing tounge my trailer head the coupler right in front of the winch stand and the beams stop there also call float on and see what the say but I don't think what you want is easily accomplished

  3. brevard955

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    Well, the good news is Tim (Float On) says he can convert it. The bad news is the coin. But, at least it will be done right.

    Unless I come up with somthing else.
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    If it were me, before paying big $ to convert the trailer, I'd first try sliding the winch post as far forward as possible, by loosening the u-brackets holding in place. That will allow you to slide the hull farther forward on the trailer thereby shortening your overall length. I did this to one of my previous trailers with great results.

    We can't see the rest of your setup, but often the bow stop bracket can also be shortened to gain a few more inches.

    After you've tested the above suggestions, see if you've gained enough for the swing tongue to make up the difference. If not, consider just shortening the tongue and moving the hitch back as much as possible.