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  1. Im getting a swing tongue for my trailer so it will fit in the garage, its the fulton one that fits a 3x3 galvinized box. My question is what is the best way to cut the tongue to put the swing tongue on? Sawzaw? also which blade should I go with.
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    A short metal blade, would be best. The red Diablo blades are really good. An angle grinder, with a thin metal disc, would probably work good too. Both tools can be pretty violent and dangerous if not used properly, so be careful and wear glasses of some kind.

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    circular saw w/ a metal cutting blade--- make what ever cuts u can with it and finish w/ sawzall w/ short metal blade
  4. 10-4 I don't have a angle grinder handy at this house I'm at off at college, I'll prob end up starting the cut with a hacksaw then move to the sawzaw and clean up the edge. I'll try and keep the blade moving pretty slow so there isn't much blade hop
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    Then clamp some wood on the cutting edge to help guide the blade.

    Circular saw is a snap then all u have is a short cut w/ sawzall

    Crazy idea--- find your local metal building /install company and see if they would cut it for u---- they have a really cool saw that does it in a second--HD carries the saw-- i call it a hand held band saw

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