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    New Suzuki DF8A and DF9.9A Outboard Motors Are Lighter and Smaller,
    Ideal For Inflatables, Tenders and Fishing Boats

    With the introduction of two new for 2010 portable 4-strokes, Suzuki Marine has once again demonstrated its commitment to constant improvement and refinement of its entire 4-stroke line. Suzuki’s new DF8A and DF9.9A give boaters two portable power options offering significant enhancements in size, weight and user-friendly operation. Even more important in today’s tough economy, Suzuki’s DF9.9A 4-stroke is more fuel-efficient than its predecessor, especially during low to mid-range operation. This translates into more time on the water trolling, fishing or exploring, with less time (and money) spent fueling up.

    Suzuki has completely redesigned the new DF9.9A, beginning with an inline 2–cylinder overhead cam power head with 208cc displacement. With its smaller overall profile, and a weight of just 87 pounds for the manual start/short shaft model, the new DF9.9A is about 10 pounds lighter than Suzuki’s previous 9.9-horsepower 4-stroke. Together, these features make Suzuki’s new DF9.9A easier to carry, easier to load and easier to fit on a wide variety of small boats. And when it comes to portable outboard power, easier is always better. The 8-horsepower DF8A — sharing the same specifications as the DF9.9A — represents a new horsepower category for Suzuki and offers boaters requiring less horsepower another great option for portable power that’s reliable, strong and efficient.

    Suzuki’s proven Digital CDI ignition system enhances the low to mid-range fuel efficiency of these new outboards, while delivering smooth idling and instant response to the throttle. Electric start models feature a 10-amp alternator to keep batteries charged and juice flowing.

    Suzuki engineers have also developed an innovative new Suzuki Function Tiller Handle for the DF8A and DF9.9A, combining forward/neutral/reverse shifting, throttle operation and throttle friction adjustment into the streamlined tiller handle. Boaters can now perform all these functions without removing their hands from the tiller, for greater control and an easier boating experience — especially when maneuvering in crowded waters or close quarters.

    Boaters have several options to choose from when it comes to these new motors. The Suzuki DF8A is available with 20-inch shaft, tiller steering and manual start. The Suzuki DF9.9A is offered in both 15-inch and 20-inch shaft lengths with tiller steering and manual or electric starting. Remote steering is available on the DF9.9A 20-inch electric start model.

    “Power 4-Ward is our motto at Suzuki Marine, and it stands for our ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement in 4-stroke power,” says Suzuki Marine Marketing Director Larry Vandiver. “These new portable outboards benefit from much of the same technology we’ve pioneered over the years to make our 4-stroke outboard motors lighter, stronger and more fuel efficient. By applying what we learn across our entire 4-stroke line-up, we can ensure that all boaters benefit from the latest technology Suzuki has to offer.”

    To learn more about Suzuki’s new for 2010 DF8A and DF9.9A portable 4-strokes available in Summer 2009, or the company’s full line of 4-stroke outboards from 2.5 to 300 horsepower, contact American Suzuki Motor Corporation at (714) 996-7040 or visit

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    Kudos for improving on an already great motor.

    Wow, a newly-designed 4-stroke outboard that is lighter, smaller, more efficient, and has new shifter features than the old model.

    Who'da thunk that was possible?

    This is the type of news from manufacturers that should have this forum abuzz as it directly impacts the "micro" market.

    Why has this post been overlooked???


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    At 87 lbs, zuki still not as light as a merc 9.9...84 lbs
    and the ni-hatsu at 81.5 lbs
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    For 4-bangers????

    That's LIGHT!!!