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Suzuki df30a wont idle or run above 3k RPM

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My 2016 Suzuki df30a wont idle and wont run above 3k rpm at around 2500-3k the boat sounds perfectly smooth (7 mph speed). I drained the fuel water separator and it was full of a clear white sand like sediment, I replaced the separator filter and inline fuel filter. I also notice the motor gets extremely hot but pees a solid fast stream of water.

I also pulled the spark plugs and noticed a lot of black carbon build up and they were just changed in January. My fuel consumption was also really bad when I traveled home 8 miles at 2500 rpms.

I tried emptying the tank and putting fresh new gas with some seafoam with no luck.

Should I try cleaning the fuel injector next or what do you guys recommend?
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Get to a Suzuki tech and find out what's actually going on... This is from a guy who has to have a motor working properly at all times... Seriously, sounds like your motor is in "SAFE" mode (or whatever the Suzuki equivalent is...) since something is seriously wrong... and needs repair...
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