Suzuki 2hp on Gheenoe Advice

Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by ryanfowler, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. ryanfowler

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    I have found a good looking and barely used 2hp Suzuki outboard motor for sale for $300. I don't have a lot of excess cash for a newer or larger motor, and I was wondering if a 2hp Suzuki would work ok on a Gheenoe that is rated for 10hp. It is a older Gheenoe (84 model holding 3 folks or 675 pounds) and it needs a starter motor to use on calm bodies of water and slow rivers. What are your thoughts on a 2hp Gheenoe setup?

    Help and advise is greatly appreciated - I have to make my decision on this motor tomorrow with the current owner.

  2. Brett

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    2 hp outboard beats paddling. Guesstimated speed: 3 to 5 mph depending on load.
    Fuel consumption: 5 hours run time from a gallon of gas WOT. If you like trolling
    you'll be operating at the right speeds to cover a lot of water.

  3. anytide

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    what year motor ?
    yes it beats paddling !! - i have a 2010 2.5hp zuke @ 28lbs. and its handy..
    -it will be slow but enough power to stay in control...
  4. noeettica

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    Some noise and vibration ...but it is a good place to start ...
  5. hookemdano

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    About 9-10 mph on my 15'4. Fun little rig and draft is as if no motor is on the boat

    Edit: me at 180ish and son <100lbs, lightly loaded for flyfishing.
  6. ryanfowler

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    Thanks everyone for the input.

    It turns out that it will be Thursday before I can pick up the motor, so it gives me more time to get feedback. However, from reading all of your replys this would be a good starter motor for me - so it appears that I will be purchasing.

    Thanks again everyone - if anyone else has input, then by all means keep posting - greatly apprecaited!!
  7. ryanfowler

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    I live in NW Georgia, but I am wanting to come to Florida and other Gulk areas and use this boat as well - do you find that your 2hp Gheenoe works well in your area (MS) on the inland areas and other brackish waters. Do you think I would have trouble in the Gulf areas in this setup? I am saltwater igorant, but I want to learn to fish the areas using my Gheenoe.