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SUV, 40hp, JP..

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If memory serves me correctly Gramps said for me to start with a 13p Hustler from Turning Point..Then again he may have said 12p..

What do yall think?

Engine: 40hp TLDI Tohatsu with a jack plate

Boat: SUV with center console steering, two batteries, trolling motor, poling platform, etc.
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Stock prop 11x13 no jack plate hit 5800rpm & 36mph (Scary fast to me)

Stock Prop, TH Marine Jack Plate - Bad news. Blowing out in turns, rough chop, etc. I never had the opportunity to run WOT.

Turning Point Props 11 pitch, TH Marine Jack Plate, 32mph, Very Punchy hole shot  :eek: 5750rpms but Cavitation plate was only ~4 above transom.

Turning Point Props 13 Pitch w/ Proprietary Cup, TH Marine Jack Plate, Sluggish hole shot, 5400rpm, Cavitation Plate ~5.5" above transom, top speed 33mph.

I'm going with a custom built stainless 3 blade prop with a proprietary cupping once I get the setup dialed in.  It's only (HA!) $310 for the custom prop which is still a lot of money, but for a prop tuned for my application and that costs about the same as an off-the-shelf model. Ya, I'm sold!
I got the 10.75x12.

Should I break in the engine with the stock prop or is ok to go ahead and put the Hustler on?
I'd use the Hustler....and follow owners manual regarding outboard break-in procedure.
That's probably what I will do. Man this break in procedure is gonna be boring. Haha
Well I've seen 5700-5800 mph on my analog Tohatsu tach with the 12p and my cavitation plate around the 4" mark. As for MPH I hit a max of 33.4mph with 2 people, full tank of gas (12 gallons) and my fishing gear in the boat. I would like to try a 13p just too see how it does. I dont carry much in my boat.

I really haven't got to play with it too much just because of the break in procedure.
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