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Discussion in 'Prop Shop' started by Knight Patrol, May 25, 2012.

  1. Knight Patrol

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    I have an SUV on order and I would like to order a prop before I get the boat. The boat will have a 40 hp Tohatsu, jack plate, and trim tabs. I am looking for the best overall prop that will allow me to run shallow without blowing out. What are the props I should be looking at to start with?
  2. TheBrazilNut

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    Tiller or remote? Type of jack plate?

  3. Knight Patrol

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    It will be a tiller with a jacked up jackplate.
  4. James4302

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    I have a 06 waterman with a tunnel and I am running a jack forman prop 11" X 11-1/2P cupped 3 blade and only can get 5200 wish I could get more rpm's out of it I am also running a 40 tohatsu TDLI call me if you would like to chat 361-726-5255 I can only run my bob's JP on a 4 before I loose water pressure and grip...
  5. ranno

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    Like you I have a H.B.  Waterman tunnel, 18' ,60 hp merc.
    Jack Forman 3 blade prop (11 3/8 x 12p)  gets me 5500 rpm(exactly) and I can run a Bobs Jack plate on a 6 all day long. I sacrifice a little top end,but, nothing out their can get me across the open bay and back into where I go. Was your prop designed by Jack for that exact boat and tohatsu engine or was this a transfer from one engine to another? Something isn't right and that doesnt make sense!