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    Is it just me or does anyone else hate when these things pop up?


    So I'm happily trying to mow a part of my yard without sinking the tractor in the water logged ground and my wife comes running out to me... We have a serious problem! Naturally the first thing that comes to my mind is she's overdrawn the checking account or something and "we" usually means "I" will have to do something. Well, I was correct on the latter. ::)

    Turns out the rough plumbing fitting for the hot water line to the washer is wizzing 3' across the utility room floor. So I ask(yell over the diesel engine) her if she turned the main water off to the house? She says no, I wanted you to see the leak. ::)

    OK, I shut the tractor off and take a look, the female brass fitting is cracked. Without really thinking it through I decide, no problem I'll just soft solder it and all should be well. And if that doesn't work then I replace the whole fitting and all. Yeah great plan except I have PVC behind the wall. :(

    Needless to say just about the time the solder started flowing nicely into the crack the whole brass fitting leaned over and fell out the end of the pipe. :)

    So its off to Lowes for the replacement parts. Of course I have to cut open the wall to get to the pipe etc, arrgh I hate this stuff. :mad: I'm thinking the plumbing God's are getting even with me for cracking on comerplumbing on his Mosquito Repellent thread. :)

    off to finish the tractor work now, figured you guys could use a laugh at my expense... :cool:
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    It's very tempting to laugh but the LAST thing someone
    of my obvious "experience" (read old guy) wants to do
    is wake the Bad Karma God of Plumbing!!! ;)

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    I Do This Every day ...

    Immigine All The FUNK !!!