Superstick push pole reviews

Discussion in 'General Fishing' started by mpl1978, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. mpl1978

    mpl1978 Well-Known Member

    Anyone using one? I need one for a sq. back canoe, but also like the flexibility to use on a boat. Real reviews?
  2. mtoddsolomon

    mtoddsolomon Lip Ripper

    I had one and it made me hate poling. I use a Carbon Marine GL3R now and I happily pole my skiff every time i'm out

  3. mpl1978

    mpl1978 Well-Known Member

    Good to know. The problem is storage. I car top the canoe and carrying a huge pole is not an option. What is the best multi-piece push pole?
  4. tjtfishon

    tjtfishon Well-Known Member

    I had one and thought it was OK, then I bought a used carbon marine 21' pole and found it much easier to use, but really awkward on my 16' skiff and not worth the hassle for the small amount of time I pole the skiff. I'm back to the superstick now and even knowing it's limitations I would rather use it than the 21 footer. Most of my poling is more drifting with course corrections so I'm not really using it for primarily for propulsion anyway.
  5. krash

    krash Well-Known Member

    I have/use a 2 piece fiberglass Stiffy was 12' but earlier this year had it expended to 14'. Its not the lightest and the joint adds a few ounces. It fits inside my car, barely now, car is small 2dr Civic.
    Had similar concern for having something extra to tie down on the roof, but in reality its not that big a deal. The canoe is 14' and the SUP is 12'6", the bigger problem (partially mental) is carrying the pole while paddling and fishing. My canoe is a Solo with seat in the middle and teh SUP is a stander with a cooler/seat just behind me, bith leave 7+ feet sticking out the front or back while paddling... fish always have a knack for circling around a getting the line tangled plus the pole seems to find every mangrove branch when in close quarters.
    The 2 piece pole can be hauled around in 2 pieces when not in use.

    Someday I'll find a good deal on a Carbon Fiber pole... as the weight difference is quite noticeable.
  6. Outearly

    Outearly Well-Known Member

    I carry one on my boat (not a skiff, PITA to pole), it's a good compromise if you need the ability to make it short. For me it's good, just need it occasionally to nudge the boat.
  7. sevenweight

    sevenweight Well-Known Member

    Keep one on my boat—which is not really a poling skiff—for emergency poling, pushing off, squeezing between and over oyster bars, etc. I would not want to use it for long periods. When I registered it about 18 months ago the owner thanked me and said he was coming out with a nifty movable/removable bracket that would make it function as a dandy stakeout pole but he seems to have scrapped that project. Sure would be nice to have.
  8. CPurvis

    CPurvis Well-Known Member

    Great product. It is a little heavy. I use it while duck hunting. It is not the best if you are poling for long periods of time but like someone posted previously just changing course while drifting it is great. It also has a paddle attachment available which is great for fishing around docks. They also have great customer service.
  9. Ben

    Ben Well-Known Member

    I have one and it's fine in water 3' and less. I never pole for more than an hour or so on any given day so it's fine for me. Like the previous posts said, it's great because you can shorten it and use it just to nudge the boat around.
  10. I use one in a Gheenoe, and love it. Admittedly, I have not tried anything else, but it is easy to travel with, and I won't freak out if someone steals it, like I would with a more expensive pole. May move on as I get more experience, but as a starter it is great.