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Suggestions on small battery needed

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I'm installing a bilge pump and and also re-installing my old fishfinder. I have no use for a battery other than to power these two items. The bilge pump draws 3.3 amps, and the fishfinder only 100 ma. Obviously, the pump would not run all the time. I'm looking for a small battery that would survive the marine environment. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Kemo :cool:
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Wheelchair Gel Cell Or an Oddssey
I'm sorry that I have taken so long to respond. You will find that a Deep Cycle Gel Cell and an Odyssey AGM battery are almost identical. As long as the warranty is in line and the Amperage is identical, I would go with the standard Deep Cycle Gel Cell battery, because the price difference is often times quite significant. If you find that the warranty on the Odyssey battery is significantly greater, and they can vary depending on vendor (almost all vendors eat the warranty to lower the bottom line), then use your discretion. A warranty difference of 6 months is in my opinion not worth $100. However, if the difference is 2 years, that may turn out to be worth it. At the end of the day, Gel Cell and AGM batteries are pretty much the same. They all last FOREVER!
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