Stumpnocker Project

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  1. First I'd like to thank everyone who answered my pretty much pointless questions so far. Turns out building a boat is just not a project I have time for.

    So today I went and picked up my new toy. A 2001 14'2" Stumpknocker skiff. Overall shes in good shape but could use a little freshening up. Id like to repaint the interior. And shine up the gel-coat.

    For the interior, my plan is to sand down the existing paint. Fill in all the little holes from old hardware. Then I'll put down 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint, all marine grade of course. That sound about right?

    Also the gel-coat has a few minor nicks in it. Whats the easiest, yet effective way, of repairing these?

    The transom is 16" tall. What shaft length motor should I be looking for?

    Thanks again! (All ready ripped that damn seat off)

  2. Gator_Bob

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    Those Stump Knockers are tuff boats. As far as painting (interior) I have success with a two part epoxy, water based from Sherwin Williams call "Tile Clad".
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    You will need a short shaft motor for that boat, Typically called a 15".

    As far as repairing gelcoat, they make kits that are sold at most boat stores like west marine.