STOP the KLAXON !!! Turn off amber alerts :-)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by noeettica, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. noeettica

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    STOP the KLAXON !!! Turn off amber alerts :)

    I have multiple phones I left the alerts turned on on all but one .

    I turned the alerts off on the phone that I am on 24 Hr. call on so if it goes off it's something that actually involves me . When I get up I can look on the other phones ...

    That being said here is the turn off for those that don't want an alarm at 3 am ...

    Those who want to manage subscriptions and either opt in or out, mobile phone owners can send the keyword "help" to the short code 26237 (AMBER). To enroll or modify, send the keyword "Amber + 5-digit zip code." To cancel send the keyword "stop."
  2. AfterHours2

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    The alerts are mainly to aid in the case of a child abduction or disappearance so I think I will leave mine on.

  3. beyondhelp

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    Interesting. I got the Amber alert yesterday for Sarasota I think, startled me and I had no idea I was subscribed.

    I too have systems that I need to hear alerts for. This week it was web servers failing for short periods overnight. Grr...

    The Amber Alert (Verizon/Android) didn't ask me if I was ok with getting them so I am a bit frustrated with that aspect of it. Thanks for the tip on disabling them.
  4. cvilt

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    I got the same alert in Sarasota. Caught me off guard as I had no idea I was signed up. As soon as I read the text a window asked if I wanted to continue getting notifications in three different forms I said no to all and then the topper of all when I thought I was done it said "presidential notifications are mandatory" WTF is that