starting from a bare hull

Discussion in 'Boat Yard Basics' started by masterpoo, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. masterpoo

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    I have recently acquired a fisher 16ft jon boat that was a side console at one time. everything has been removed. all seats and flotation. want to put in flotation, floor, and a bench seat in back to make it a tiller. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of time to do this project. I will try to post some pics tonight.
  2. WhiteDog70810

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    Just jump into it and keep it simple. Post lots of pics and as specific questions. Right now, you are too early in the game and your questions are too general for us to give you any real help.

    Do you want to build using aluminum, ply/glass, composite/glass or wood and porch paint? I like ply/glass, but others like other methods. Neither is wrong.

    IMO if you use wood, use marine ply.

    IMO if you use fiberglass, I recommend epoxy.

    If you use composites, talk to someone other than me 'cuz I know nothing.

    If you are going cheap, don't use treated ply wood. It corrodes the screws that hold it down.


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