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    I recently bought a jimmy styks paddleboard that I plan to use for fishing once in a while. I took it out for the first time and realized it has horrible hull slap. This definitely won't work if I'm trying to fish for bonefish or other species. Does anyone know a way to reduce the hull slap?

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    I haven't been posting because I switched to SUP fishing..

    The right board for the job is the answer to your question; I fish from a Exocet Marlin 12'6". When it blows/chops hard, SUP fishing isn't terribly fun, it's so light you're easily blown from your casting position.

    Surf shapes are basically terrible for SUP fishing(I wouldn't take my 9'1"x31" All-Wave fishing, or anything that even started to resemble it, regardless of how much it's been scaled up), you want something with more of a plumb bow.

    Bote makes sick looking SUP fishing rigs. (I've only been on one of there race rigs though, 25" Width and wicked fast).
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    I don't know how to reduce hull slap on the board you bought and that's why I got this one. Several people recommended this nose after combatting the same problems. Possibly getting your weight further forward would help.
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    Short of getting another board, I would try to hang a towel off the nose and into the water. Early flats guys used carpet hanging off the nose of john boats to quiet hull slap. Maybe a towel or two will work for you. BTW, check out the Cayo and Dragonfly SUPs. These were designed for fishing. Maybe you could get creative with some fiberglass under the nose.
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