Stainless winch 800# for $25.  Cheap!

Discussion in 'The Commercial Zone' started by thresher, May 26, 2008.

  1. thresher

    thresher Well-Known Member

    Seasense all stainless 800# winch. This winch is perfect for those rebuilding their microskiff trailer. Normally $75 and clearanced out to 25. That's a deal folks. Check your neighborhood BW. I like to post the really good deals on here for you guys and this one falls under really good deal. ;)

  2. Lil_Tate

    Lil_Tate Well-Known Member

    Re: Stainless winch 800# for $25.  Cheap!

    forget the winch, get me one of dem $549 deals on a powerpole....
    plllleeeeeaaaaassssseeee.... :D

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