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Sport City Marine is having our anneul boat show this year on March 27th 2010..... our doors will be opening at 9a.m. an we will be here till the last customer leaves.
We will be having several Pro Anglers doing free fishing clinics, we will also be having several other clinics going on threw out the day including: boat basics, outboard maintanice, care for your boat, an others to be annouced.
We will also have several boat manufacturers on sight giving newist insight on the latest an greatest productions, as well as offering some special "day of show" pricing!
Also there will be food an entertainment the day of the show. We will also be doing an array of specal sales all threw the store!
Come in an see Matt, tell him you heard about the show threw an recive 10% off any accesories in the store!
     We look forward to seeing you at the show!

Sprot City Marine
4121 S. Pine Ave
Ocala, Fl 34480
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