Special day for my family!

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    As some of you know back in 2004 my wife and I started the process to adopt our son. March 7th of 2005 was the first of many special days as a new family. Yesterday was another special day. Our son became a full citizen of this, our great, United States of America!

    So it is my honor to introduce... Citizen Declan - He's in the newspaper! AND VIDEO! My wife Jennifer and I are interviewed in the video, as is Declan as he is eating a cupcake. They spell his name wrong in the video, of course. ;-)

    Declan is a citizen (FINALLY!!!!!!!). We applied for his certificate of citizenship almost 2 years ago. Last Thursday (the 12th), we get a notice in the mail that we were to appear yesterday (the 19th). All the notice said was “regarding your application for certificate of citizenship issuance.” It also said that if the applicant was under 14 they did not have to appear. Nothing else. Well, we show up yesterday and it was a swearing in ceremony! We were shocked. We almost didn’t bring Declan because we didn’t want to pull him out of school!

    However, a lady on an email list I’m on said that they might give him his certificate of citizenship, so we decided to bring Declan and the camera, just in case. I thought we might be sitting with some federal employee in a cubicle and they would hand him a certificate. Didn’t sound exciting, but I wanted a picture just in case. But, it was a HUGE deal. Apparently, they have a special day periodically for children who are being sworn in as citizens. The newspapers were there. They interviewed us, which leads the article I liked to below. They had cupcakes with icing that was red, white and blue (which Declan loved and happily consumed afterwards).

    The notice said nothing about this special day!!! Jennifer said “I looked horrible...had no makeup on at all because I wasn’t expecting all this!!!”



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    WOW!. Congratulations Jan and family. Good things come to those that wait.

    That is one sweet looking cupcake.
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    Congrats, that is awesome!
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    Awsome thing man, real happy for you and the family.
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    It's hard to believe that it's been that long with "Big D". :cool: He's a great kid with a great family.

    You taking him to the grocery store to graze this afternoon? ;D ;D ;D
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    Cool beans Jan. I liked in the video when he said he liked the flag better than the cupcake, and pulled his face back covered in frosting. Cute kid!!!
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    That's awesome Jan! I know you guys are proud [smiley=1-dancingchief.gif]
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    Way to go Jan and Mom! That little one looked as though he was brought up on flats boats last saturday! Very happy looking young man and looks like he is on his way to be a heck of a fisherman!!!!! [smiley=1-thumbsup3.gif] [smiley=1-thumbsup2.gif] [smiley=chicken.gif] [smiley=bravo.gif] [smiley=dancing-smilie.gif] [smiley=dancing3.gif] [smiley=headbang.gif] [smiley=supercool.gif] [smiley=usa2.gif] [smiley=usa2.gif]
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    Congrats, that is great.
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    Every Body Said it Best ...All i can do is Agree ... Two thumbs Up !! :)
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    hope you got my reply via email :thumbup:
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    Congratulations to all!!! Smiles all around!!! :)
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    No I didn't sorry...
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    Congrats [smiley=1-thumbsup1.gif]
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    i got a couple more you can have...

    just messing...congratulations...that is cool.... ;D ;D ;D
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    good for all of you...family is the best thing.