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Spark plug corrosion?

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Purchased a boat and motor back in July. 2000 Yamaha 60HP 2 stroke. Of course I did a few things (water pump, spark plugs, etc) and now 5 months later I was just checking under the cowling and I see corrosion around the spark plugs on the block. I had noticed that there was some type of gasket/ putty that was around them the first time I changed them but scraped it off. Anyone have any suggestions on how to stop this or why it’s happening? Maybe water in the cylinders??


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The moment I look under the cowling and see mis-matched bolts or buggered up screws - I run the other way... Yes, a competent mechanic can sort it out but I'm always worried about what I can't see when some "shadetree" type has been messing where he shouldn't have...
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