SOLD/EXPIRED Someone make this guy a deal

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by TomFL, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    This looks like an Uuber-clean classic skiff at a really, REALLY low price. Have never seen the boat in person, but if it looks as good as it does in the pics it would make someone very happy.

    Not my ad, and I do not know the owner. Just been watching the ad sit on that forum for too long for such a nice looking boat.


  2. noeettica

    noeettica Well-Known Member

    That motor would eat you out of house and home lol ....

    34 Year old hull Hmmmm....

    Of course that's just my opinion YMMV
  3. mark_gardner

    mark_gardner I Love!

    yeah i'm not to big on the old power too but if the hull is solid and the trailers fairly new with stainless hardware the boat with some up dated hp could be just the ticket for an old salt that always wanted one but never did :cool:
  4. TomFL

    TomFL Well-Known Member

    I agree with the input on the motor IF the potential buyer made consistent, long runs to the fishing grounds. If you trailer it close to the fishing grounds it's a moot point.

    As for reliability, you know the old saying "they don't build 'em like they used to", don't you? I ran a Johnson 88spl almost daily for a decade and never had a hiccup.

    As for the age of the hull, first off I don't think there has ever been any wood in a MHP product, so no worries about rot. Also, look where it's coming from. Looks like inside storage. A man that keeps an old boat like that in what looks to be a great house probably takes better care of his stuff than 99% of people out there.

    If I was in the market, I'd take a close look at that boat. I think if it's in good shape it's a steal at that price.

  5. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    unless its been abused and not well cared for (which doesn't appear to be the case) that boat is worth every penny of $5800. Actually the more I think about it, that's a freakin' unbelievable deal for a classic and super CAPABLE flats skiff. Not hyper skinny mind you, more like 8"-10", but a smooth comfy ride through most anything you need to travel to get there and back. Thousands of bonefish caught in those things...

    Certainly not up to todays mph standards either, but I disagree that the motor is a pig gas wise unless you run it like you stole it. I've ran the v-block 135 evinriude plenty back in the day. Same block just bigger holes in the carbs. That engine on that hull will pop that boat up on a plane with 3 guys and gear ezpz. Keep your cruise speed reasonable(lows 20's) and you can get decent range with it. That engine isn't working very hard on that boat unless you make it work hard.

    IMHO, someone is going to get a very good boat at an exceptional price.  :cool:
  6. JRyanL

    JRyanL I Love!

    Trying to work my way up to something like this. The boat is beautiful. I'd love an oldy but goody like this. Someday